What are Rhythm Collision shows like?

Vendettr Especial
Their shows are a major brukout! Rhythm Collision turn the dancefloor into a sea of dutty whining bodies while the diverse selection of music had every punter putting their lighters up at different points. No drink was left undrunk, no body was left unmoved and no heart was left untouched thanks to the quality of the acts and the energy of the crowd – no wonder Babylon turned up and tried to shut it down. I can’t wait to see what they have lined up for this year!

Bianca Nyaxx (Tweed Heads)
OMG guys best nights ever What a success xx

Jane Hart
Wicked shows! Come from near and far. Make it to them. They’re awesome, couldn’t figure out which room to stay in – CAUSE THEY WERE ALL GOOD! Good crowd of people, all there to enjoy the same “Vibes”.. Come one, come ALL

Justin Sayer-Cottam
Propa dancehall madness, first class. not too many shows in Briz that have been going for this long and just keep getting better!!

King Krazy (Byron Bay)
Huge shows! The main dancefloor was pumping from the moment I got there till the early hours. I took the main stage and the place was in full party mode! The crowd at that point were really responding to dancehall music from 2000 thru to present. Some madd tunes went down in the second room too, including some sweet sweet reggae music! Can’t wait for more shows, the vibes gonna nice up Brisbane fe real!

Corina Auda
Those are MAD nights…. Had a blast… Have another night like that soon….!!!…It went off…… I would so recommend for those who haven’t been go to the next one you will enjoy yourself….. I did….1 love

Emperor Chin (Spin D Music / Trinidad)
Rhythm Collision ina session was an explosion of pure Jamaican musical vibes in Brisbane, Australia!!! It was great to see a collaboration of music and cultures as the biggest reggae dancehall deejays in Queensland came together to express and represent authentic Caribbean culture in the heart of Brisbane. If you love reggae or dancehall music then this is the event not to be missed delivering roots and foundation tunes right up to the latest dancehall, delivered in true Jamaican fashion!!! Boom !!!

Estefania Rodriguez
Can’t wait for another one of these nights. It was such a success with a great turn out. Brisbane needs more dancehall and so do I!!!

Greer Hunt
Sessions are madd! Dancehall party going off in one room, loud chest thumping reggae in the other! Awesome riddims, awesome vibe, awesome night… it keeps getting better, jungle room, a glow in the dark room and the chill out bar… everything irie! Can’t wait for next session !!

Scott Valentine
They are stink! Nuff music, nuff girls, nuff boxy, nuff rum! The Rhythm Collision put on a madd show, really bruk up de place! The vibe was hype from doors open till the police shut it down

Jayms Camille
Thanks guys great night… awesome music!!

James Douglas
Massive shows, and one of my highlight events of the year. It was good to see the two main rooms both taking the lead over the course of the night, and diverse enough sounds to keep everyone sticking around the whole night. These must be Brisbane’s biggest dances by far !!

Zubeidah Kiden Miraji
People partied like there was no tomorrow !!

John Lumley (Champion Sound)
Rhythm Collision Sound shows have got to be Brisbane’s biggest reggae events of the year. The shows are packed to bursting, with something for everyone in terms of music, from deep roots selections through to super charged dancehall sets. Must do events for anyone in Brisbane them !!

Enson Makarimayi
Madddd vibes 4 sure

Rowan Williamson (Melbourne)
Real success, really brings out the true reggae and dancehall fans in Brisbane. The latest dancehall pumpin, crowd enjoying the vybz – what more do you want? Multiple rooms for all the diff vybz? Done. Big tings a gwaaaan, it’s a good look. Ruuuuun it !!!

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