4ZZZFM Radiothon 2019

Brisbane Australia community Radio 4ZZZFM’s annual on air fundraiser – this is the time of the year the station raises the $AUS 500K per annum it needs to stay on air and the target is for 1,500 subscriptions

Running Friday 8th August until Sunday 18th August 2019

Do you love reggae music?? Then support reggae music!! Keeping 4ZZZFM on air means keeping The Yard and reggae music or air

4ZZZ Radiothon 2019 Info and FAQs

Help and support presenter Basmati’s mission to bring good reggae music to Brisbane by subscribing (an annual fee) and nominating as your Favourite 4ZZZFM show The Yard (in the online drop down box) for Radiothon 2019 from as little as $20 or up to $500 and anywhere in between

Just hit up the website or call into the station 07 32521555 / +61732521555


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